Watch Dogs Review

Watch Dogs Review

Following a prolonged hold off, the digital vigilante has eventually hit the streets of Chicago. Come across out if Observe Puppies lives up to several years of hype in our full overview.

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29 thoughts on “Watch Dogs Review”

  1. by far the worst game I've ever played. so fucking garbage…cover system is terrible, by far the worst I've ever seen, graphics are shit, driving physics are garbage and feels like ps2 games from 10 years ago, and the story is weak as fuck, it's mainly just a bunch of hacking puzzles, they realized the game was SUUUPER short so they just added 5 hours of gameplay to the story by putting hundreds of easy as fuck yet very time consuming puzzles to it.

     considering I paid full price for this when it came out, I would rate this a -5 (negative five) didn't even know that was possible, easily the worst game I ever played, I will never touch let alone buy another ubisoft game or product

  2. What if I just want to run around and spy on everyone and maybe prevent / commit a crime or two? What if I want to explore the world? Will the game let me do that or will I get shot at everywhere I go?

  3. This is a great and honest review of this game. Its a great game. Sure it was overhyped with jaw dropping visuals and intense story but the graphics are still reallly good and are the best open world graphics to date and the story (even tho im only a couple missions in) is really well voice acted and decent so far. Its a good game. 

  4. I wish they had more side missions because after I finish the single player there's nothing else that is fun to do, except for multiplayer. Or add more missions over time. Maybe a month or so

  5. my opnion this game was the fun of my life all that posibilities and hacking was just pure fun who cares about the story anyway maybe its subjective i just had a blast playing it

  6. So after there done beating a dead horse with assassain creed are they going to ruin the watch dog franchise by milking it too?

  7. Why the hell is it an 8.9!? Just give it a 9 then. 
    Even though this review said it's not revolutionary it's still getting a 9/10.
    That seems a little high for how they ended the review. 

  8. 8.9 is a little high, I'd give it 8.5 but life moves on. ooh and they need to optimize this better in PC, considering the visuals an $800 PC should handle this in max setting mid AA settings and on solid 45 fps at least, but not so according to player experience.

  9. this is $90 in australia for ps3/xbox360 alone….. i hate consumerism here… we have to pay so much extra for everything >.<……… so question.. is it worth the money to play?    im not one of those "im in love with GTA" fanatics.. barely played it tbh….. but this pikes my interested,, due to the hacking features…. gimme some honest opinions on the game itself..  (not comparing to other games,,)

  10. I could not get into this game. I really wanted to like it, but the biggest problem for me was Aiden. Him and his story did not pull me in in the slightest. I couldn't have cared less.

  11. I think ubisoft are meant to pay ign, machinima, gamespot, all of these if they want them to give a good review. I think the highest score these reviewers can give is an 8 – 8.5 or something. But if Ubisoft pays them, they can give a score that is higher than 8.5. I've heard this before. I know it sucks. But this may be how it works. EVEN though remember!! DO NEVER trust another review's verdict! It's about your own opinion! ALWAYS! I've WATCH DOGS. The game is freaking great! Seriously. It somehow reminds me of Red Dead Redemption. Because there're so many opportunties! So many things to do and discover! Infinite things to do if you're in a mood for playing it. Watch Dogs plays very smooth and intense. You'll love the game if you like having feelings in games. You really feel like you're inside the game! Very intense! I recommend this game for next-gen or PC! Graphics and gameplay will feel smoother because of the FPS, effects and details and more! I think the game is really, really good! After the great emotionel story, I wanted more! The game is so massive and fun too. Multiplayer is great fun! Especially if you play with a bro! xD I would give the game a 9 out of ten. The only thing I wanted is that I wanted to be able to choose to kill or take down the mayor gangbosses, but in this game, you'll play as a vigilante who kills in some situations. You can choose to kill or take down normal enemies in almost every situation though. REMEMBER IT'S YOUR OPINION ABOUT THE GAME THAT COUNTS! Have fun! 

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