25 thoughts on “Superman Returns – The First Fifteen”

  1. Superman Returns had potential but the execution was terrible. A huge open city with practically nothing to do. The flight was great.

  2. Its really funny that this game came to XBOX 360 "2006" before God of War 2 on PS2 "2007" and God of War look by miles better and more fun.

  3. I want a show called The Back Forty where an over the hill Kyle Bosman returns to all the games from The First Fifteen.  Beam it into my holosuite in a decade. Bring your guests, Elyse gonna be a cougar.

  4. Has anyone ever told Kyle he is Peter Parker, not look like he IS Parker. Literally every time I see him that's what I think.

  5. I never played the whole game- HOWEVER, this was one of my fav. demos on the 360! Just flying around at super speed, breaking the sound barrier and all kinds of good stuff. I actually think they did a great job on the flying in this game, even just hovering "like Superman would" with the cape floating and everything- loved it! Far better then plenty of the Spider-Man games have 'nailed' that great feel of zipping 'round like the webcrawler.

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