Splatoon – Review

Splatoon – Review

Nintendo’s multiplayer shooter is splendidly weird.

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35 thoughts on “Splatoon – Review”

  1. Half the time I am playing I am playing with people from Japan (by the alphabet they use in their name). How would voicechat help???

  2. Got this game as a birthday gift(was so pissed off)but had to break the seal to trade it in so i played it. It's one of the best games of the year in my opinion.

  3. I had to play the demo for almost 10 seconds before deciding this was awesome. Nice to see something a little original in a genre thats been shot to hell.

  4. (I have a Wii U and I LOVE IT)
    I'm gonna pass on Splatoon. This is one of the bigger Wii U games that I am passing on. The game looks great, but I HATE random team online multiplayer A LOT. The game is centered on this and I just don't want it.

  5. Having bought the game just recently I didn't have to deal with the supposed lack of content, by this point the game is robust enough to last me until I get Yoshi's Wooly World.
    The only problem so far is that so many people in the online mode seem to forget that the game is not about staying in one place and killing enemies, but pressing forward and covering ground, I usually focus on this, and I've never gotten a score of less than 900 despite just being level 6, but then I look at the scores of my teammates, who often are around levels 10-20, and they don't go beyond 500, and I tell to myself: "Well, no wonder we lost".
    I guess this is a generalized problem since it also hampers the opposing team from time to time, but I'd love to have an option to kick some sense into my teammates, voice chat could potentially do the trick, but it also runs the risk of creating a hellhole of cussing kids and obnoxious scrubs.

  6. Chargers not great in Turf war?ol! Only NOOBS say that. Many decent and good Charhers like myself can score around 700-800p with a charger. 

  7. I have to agree, I feel like this game is a little light on content, I really hope new modes, new mini games, and new clothes, shoes, weapons and multiplayer modes are added in future updates to the game

  8. Ooo you can just use Skype or whatever ,no don't sugar coat it if your even throwing ideas like that out you need voice chat you can say oh you really don't but if you a honest gamer and not a fan trying to prove nothings wrong with the game and youv played it and not just want to play it and has been watching vids but actually play it you'll see you'll want it not to be mean just to work together better

  9. People should really stop complaining about no voice chat. The game is meant for kids so having voice chat would be risky with all the older players cursing and swearing everywhere.

  10. The game was fun for about 3 days…then it crashed.
    Rage quitters, communication errors, unfair matches, a terrible ranking system, unbalanced weapons, random abilities on clothes, changing the abilities costs 30,000 gold, Miiverse is just memes and spam for Splatoon, the single player campaign was decent at best, and there's no way to play offline or against computer players.

    This game gives the middle finger to both people who want to have fun, and those who enjoy a challenge.

  11. While the game is getting a healthy amount of content updates, there's still some fundamental issues with the game's design that I feel keep it from hitting the 9 mark.

    1) The inability to change loadouts without leaving the lobby.
    2) A way to coordinate with your team on Ranked Battles that have 2 Splat Zones
    3) Split screen multiplayer
    4) LAN support
    5) A Free For All turf war
    6) An option to use the Pro controller so that we can set up the gamepad in our peripheral vision.
    7) The ability to mix and match Main, Sub and Special Weapons
    8) Option for a secondary weapon that runs from a different source of ink. (can't tell you how many times I've run out at crucial moments.)

  12. wait…why is a grown adult reviewing games like this anyway…i wish kids can do their own review that would be great so we can see it from their eyes..and i dont mean on youtube i mean companies like this

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