Game Trailers Is Closed And Other Websites Will Soon Follow

Game Trailers Is Closed And Other Websites Will Soon Follow

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46 thoughts on “Game Trailers Is Closed And Other Websites Will Soon Follow”

  1. I agree with you, Proto.

    I also want to add that, with Youtube and other social media sites, it is easier for users to generate and customize content in any way that they like. That means an infinitely larger variety of shows, videos, rants, reviews, etc. Sites like Gametrailers used to be a "youtube" for gamers. I used GT back in 2007-2010 and it was a thriving community of gamers uploading their own videos, becoming partners, and communicating with others on forums (which were featured on the front page).

  2. Man I remember watching Game Trailers back in 2006 I used it to view games for the Wii when I wanted to buy the Wii. I found some gems from that site. Sad to see it go but now youtube has all my information.


  4. Wow Proto, this was very nhilistic of you. Sites The Escapist and Screwattack were our allies in GamerGate, way to throw them under the bus.

  5. Uh, Proto, what cases within the gaming industry were game reviewers actually swaying other reviewers opinions for money or sex? Not that I'm surprised that people will bribe eaxh other but not one particular case pertaining to the game industry comes in mind…

  6. I just feel YouTube is more honest at least the people I watch because I know they aren't getting paid off for favorable reviews and I getting the honest opinions of something

  7. Out of all bigger websites it had to hit the only one that was mostly neutral about GG, but allowed (Pro) GG discussion on the forum (most users were either pro or neutral/IDGAF, very few aggros). I have been a member since 2007 and as long the forum functions I will continue to post on it.
    Should have hit Kotaku and Polygon insted, or Gamespot, or IGN. Fuck Defy Media.

  8. Darn. This is not good. I love GameTrailers? I'm sorry, I have no idea what the heck GameTrailers is. Is there title self explanatory?

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